Always Brings the Fun!

  • Winter Cocktails for the Entire Family

    Posted on December 10 2017

    Growing up in Pittsburgh means your childhood consisted of a lot of hot chocolate or anything warm for that matter! My favorite memories began with bundling up in our finest snowsuits and moon boots and ended with warm hot cocoa and freezing toes!

  • Holiday Decor that is Merry and Bright!

    Posted on December 05 2017

    Holiday decor by Bashery & Co. and Pamelyn Rocco

    It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet and I made my husband get the holiday decor boxes down from the garage and that still only leaves us with one month to enjoy all things merry and bright!

  • Day of the Dead Party, Kid Approved

    Posted on October 27 2017

    Pamelyn Rocco and kids celebrate Day of the Dead

    I was originally drawn to the Day of the Dead celebration because of its bold colors and beautifully decorated sugar skulls. As i researched this vibrant holiday, I fell more and more in love with the meaning behind the day. 

  • A Secret Garden Party, a Book Launch celebration for The Umbrella Girls series

    Posted on September 29 2017

    A Secret Garden Party, a Book Launch celebration for The Umbrella Girls series
    The Umbrella Girls Rule! This sweet, beautiful, uplifting and positive book series was created by Pippy Pomeranz and Alison Nancye. The series is dedicated to girls all around the world who want to shine from Charli in Australia to Anika in India and to Lulu in London and everywhere in between, these books will resonate with girls from all backgrounds along with sending such amazing messages. I hosted a Secret Garden Party to launch book #5!
  • Strong Like A Mama, the Bashery Way

    Posted on July 31 2017

    The Juggle is Real! Being a mama of two little girls with a growing company that demands long days and sleepless nights, staying healthy, energetic, strong and happy is not a choice for me, its a must. We always "do us" last and that is the wrong approach. These are the 6 things I do that help me keep it all together, be Strong Like A Mama and help me in my quest to be the strongest I've been (physically, mentally and emotionally) when I turn 40 in 364 days from now! Oh and I might as well look good while I'm doing it in Old Navy's cool new Active Wear line!

  • 4th of July Fun with Bashery & Co. and Party City

    Posted on June 27 2017


    4th of July Party with Bashery & Co.

    When I was a little kid my family's 4th of July party was major! I'm talking a hundred people in two backyards in a small town in Pittsburgh. This was the norm for every holiday, but for some reason their 4th of July party is something I remember so clearly.

  • A Neon Pineapple Flamingo Party for the Launch of MIllennial Mamas

    Posted on June 24 2017

    Pameloyn Rocco with Bashery

    On May 31, 2017, in West Hollywood, Bashery & Co. styled one of our most colorful parties to date (even though most of our parties are very colorful) to celebrate the launch of The Millennial Mamas blog by Veena Crownholm and Erin Ziering. threw an incredible party and I was excited to help create a special day for them. 

  • Celebrating the Girl Boss in all of us at a Beverly Hills Garden Party

    Posted on June 15 2017

    Pamelyn Rocco, Aisha Alkayali, Andrea Skipsey

    May 13th, 2017 marked the 1st Annual Garden Party, celebrating the Girl Boss in all of us! I hosted this amazing event with the lovely Aisha Alkayali from The Gift Pick, and the talented Andrea Skipsey from Palme d’Or.  We just wanted to throw a formal luncheon in a beautiful setting to celebrate the kick ass women we know and love!

  • A Sweet Swan Birthday Party

    Posted on May 15 2017

    Swan birthday party backdrop

    Swooping in with grace, class, and style, we threw a Sweet Swan Birthday Party for dear Harlow!

  • Fiesta Inspired Wedding Shower

    Posted on May 01 2017

     Fiesta Inspired Wedding Shower

    It was only natural for me to create a Fiesta Inspired Wedding Shower when the bride and groom are getting married in Tulum. When the beautiful and creative Tamalin Srisook from Savoir Agency asked me to plan her wedding shower I jumped at the opportunity. She explained that a lot of people were not able to make the wedding so she wanted to make the wedding shower even that much more special.

  • The Baby Tribe, A 1st Birthday Pow Wow!

    Posted on March 19 2017


    They say that your vibe attracts your tribe, and in this case, we were definitely in company of some serious party animals at our 1st Birthday Pow Wow! Little Oliver turned one, so it was imperative that his big day be commemorated in a truly memorable way. 

  • You ShamROCK, a St. Patrick's Day Party Play Date

    Posted on March 06 2017

    Best friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day

    With a maiden name like McMahon, St. Patrick's Day is my kind of holiday. Long are the days of partying at the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day parade from 8 am until 2 am, but I still know how to have fun, Mommy style!

    I thought a St. Patrick's Day play date would be super cute and fun for all of us. All you need is some balloons, cupcakes, a rainbow and an Irish Martini to help you find some gold at the end of that rainbow! 

  • A Mermaid 1st Birthday Bash, Splish Splash

    Posted on March 02 2017


    Mermaid 1st Birthday Party

    Aren't Mermaid 1st Birthday Party jokes the punniest . . . What did the sea say to the mermaid? 

    Nothing. It just waved. 

    Here at Bashery, we sure think so - which is why when my friends Cherlin and Ian asked if we would be interested throwing a Mermaid 1st Birthday Party for their baby girl Claire, I flipped with excitement. 

  • Oscar Party Decorations, Bashery & Co. Style

    Posted on February 22 2017

    Glitz and glam is how we do Oscar party decorations at Bashery & Co.! It is that one night where it is totally acceptable to get ridiculously dressed up in the comfort of your own home. 


  • Quick and Easy Valentine's Day DIY Fun

    Posted on February 08 2017


    I try my best to let my loved ones know how I feel about them on the daily, but I love Valentine's Day because it gives me the opportunity to pull out ALL the glitter, and ALL the sparkle, and ALL the fun.

  • Let's Meet With a Kiss, a Fun Way to Throw a Kid's Valentine's Day Party and Photo Shoot

    Posted on February 06 2017

    Valentine's Day Kissing Booth DIY

    When I started this journey of party styling and decor creation, I never imagined that I was starting the best job I never had. Somehow, in one year, I've made more friends, met more people, and had more fun than ever before. Honestly, I've never been happier. So -  what's a girl to do when she wants to celebrate her new found happiness? Invite friends and style a party, duh! 

  • Bashery Style Halloween

    Posted on November 15 2016

    It all began with my "Party Like a Pineapple" Theme and ended with this! Flamingos are such a huge part of this theme and were so big last year that Moorea just had to be one! And nothing is cuter than a baby pineapple. Pair it with a watermelon and a coconut and now we're talking! 

  • Britax 1/2 Birthday Partaaaaay

    Posted on November 01 2016

    Have you had the chance to visit the Southern California Children's Museum? If you haven't, it's a must. Right off the bat you're greeted by this gorgeous Oh Joy! mural that can make anyone's day a little bit brighter. I myself had the opportunity to see it when I styled a 1/2 Birthday for Britax USA with Tubby Todd and Gathre (an event designed to introduce Britax' line of carseats to moms who were looking to transition out of infant seats and into something bigger). 

  • (into) The Woods with Baby Bjorn

    Posted on October 21 2016

    When Baby Bjorn asked me to style a launch event for their newest collection, I was immediately on board - I love their products and am passionate about all things Swedish (Ikea meatballs, am I right?).

  • Stella-Phoenix Photo Shoot

    Posted on September 01 2016

    Coco Chanel once said "A girls must be two things: classy and fabulous". 

    When Tammin Sursok reached out to Bashery for an opportunity to style the upcoming launch of her children's line Stella Phoenix, that quote immediately came to mind. Stella Phoenix is definitely that - classy and very, very fabulous. 


  • Bottle and Heels (and a dash of Bashery)

    Posted on August 01 2016

    Motherhood is one of the greatest joys that I have ever experienced, and a gift I'm grateful for every single day. However, motherhood is equally challenging, and can leave even the most organized and prepared mom feeling like a total failure. 

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