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A Secret Garden Party, a Book Launch celebration for The Umbrella Girls series

Posted on 29 September 2017

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The Umbrella Girls Rule! This sweet, beautiful, uplifting and positive book series was created by Pippy Pomeranz and Alison Nancye. The series is dedicated to girls all around the world who want to shine, from Charli in Australia to Anika in India and to Lulu in London and everywhere in between, these books will resonate with girls from all backgrounds along with sending such amazing messages. 

I met Pip through our mutual friend Steph and I immediately fell in love with her and her ideas behind Umbrella Girls!  Her spirit shines bright in every book, so I was thrilled to host this adorable Secret Garden Party for the launch of book #5, which introduced us to Lulu, titled Grandma's Secret Garden.

This party was what little girls dreams are made of, thanks to Steph who owns OneNine Design. I simply opened my doors and she went to town! For Moorea and Harlow to be a part of such a special day is why I do what I do. There were so many fun things for the girls to do that really encompassed the message behind Umbrella Girls. Katee Grace photography was there to beautifully capture every special moment.

Our flower crown bar made everyone feel extra special, including me! There is just something about a real flower crown that elevates your mood!

Flower Crown Bar


Flower Crown Bar


Flower Crown Bar

Meet LuLu, the inspiration behind the book, and one of the sweetest girls. Moorea didn't want her to leave.

Flower Crown Bar DIY


Flower Crown Bar DIY

Another super sweet thing that The Umbrella Girls promote is writing to other Umbrella Girls all around the world. We set up a letter writing station and we brought letters from other Umbrella Girls to share with this adorable crew!

Pen pal


pen pal

These girls were so excited to make new friendships with each other and bond over their love for The Umbrella Girls , anything girly and cupcakes ofcourse! We had a wall mural that they could work on together and everyone, including Harlow, got in on the action! 

wall mural project


wall mural project


wall mural project


Kids wall mural


garden party drink station


garden party cupcakes


garden party desserts

Pip explained to the girls her inspiration behind The Umbrella Girls that ended with a chanting of GIRLS RULE! Speaking of chanting, one of the coolest parts of The Umbrella Girls is that every book has a guided meditation for the girls to do. So we had none other than Lola Berry, famous Aussie nutritionist, author and yoga teacher, lead a meditation that we all participated in. As you can see from the pictures, everyone was totally into it, especially Moorea. She kills me! But what a great teaching moment in an already beautiful book.  

Pip Pomeranz The Umbrella Girls


Lola Berry meditation


Lola Berry teaches meditation to children


kids meditation


kids meditation


#18-mg_lulu meditation.jpg

Being a part of such a wonderful initiative for little girls and connecting with people like this is what does it for me. You will immediately fall in love with these books, I promise you! Also, you can learn about each girl and children will start to gravitate to which one they relate to the most. The 5th book is launching soon, but the first four can be found on The Umbrella Girls web-site

The Umbrella Girls




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