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Let's Meet With a Kiss, a Fun Way to Throw a Kid's Valentine's Day Party and Photo Shoot

Posted on 06 February 2017

It just seemed right to plan a kid's Valentine's Day party around LOVE with an amazing photographer, Katee Grace, and invite some cool Mamas and their adorable kids.  When I started this journey of party styling and decor creation, I never imagined that I was starting the best job I never had. Somehow, in one year, I've made more friends, met more people, and had more fun than ever before. Honestly, I've never been happier. n 

With Valentine's day around the corner, I really wanted to do something fun and exciting for moms and kids while highlighting the Bashery style and decor ability. Hopefully, providing my followers with a Valentine's Day Party and photo shoot inspiration! What started out as a simple Kissing Booth scene turned into me saying to myself, "Go Big or Go Home." So I kept adding and styling and adding and styling.

The first scene was always the kissing booth and I added a cotton candy cart (short-term sugar goals). There were adorable props like heart lawn signs (DIY tutorial coming soon) with cute sayings and flowers for the boys to give to the girls. I made a lot of the decor but also bought some from Target. I like to mix it up. 

Kids Party Stylist Los Angeles | Bashery & Co. by Pamelyn Rocco

Party Stylist | Bashery & Co. by Pamelyn Rocco

Party Rentals | Bashery & Co. by Pamelyn Rocco


Isn't this cotton candy cart just the dreamiest? It's from Sugar Bouffant and I'm obsessed. 

After eating our own body weights in sugar, we were really ready to party. We headed to the next set of scenes that included, another dessert station, this one by Smoky Hollow Baking Co., a tee pee lounge, a valentine making table for the kids, and a portable MOMosa cart for the moms. How fun?! These are all ideas that you can easily pull together. The Kissing Booth may be tough ( I promise I'll post a tutorial soon) but everything else is doable! And remember, everything that you see at our Valentine's Day Party can be rented from Bashery. Check out our Themes page. 

I had to get the bum shot in here! I've had this vision for so long!!

Mini Chivari chairs - I die!

Crafting = Break for Moms! Have you ever seen this many kids sit still together?!

Katee was able to capture so many special moments at our special Valentie's Day Party in such a dreamy setting. The Moms were also able to have a few fun toasts by ourselves (we had a bunch of help on set, thank goodness). 

 This shoot was so much fun because everyone had such a fantastic time. But let me ask you this. Ever wondered what life is like behind the scenes? Here ya go - 

No matter how well prepared you are before the shoot, the day of is CRAZINESS. As you can see, stuff was everywhere, and if someone needed to stop and breastfeed, well, you pretty much had to sit on top of something (or someone). Between rolling racks and costume racks,  I really feel like the expression "thriving in chaos" was invented for moms. I did it though - I threw a Valentine's Day party and photo shoot for 7 Moms and 14 kids while trying to look fabulous myself and keeping everyone happy. I'd definitely call that a win! Thanks for indulging me, ladies. Until next time! 


Kissing Booth Outfits: Old Navy

Party Scene Outfits: Occasion Kids 

Cotton Candy: Sugar Bouffant

Cookies and Cake Pops: Smoky Hollow Baking Company

Florals: The Loved Co.  

Photography: Katee Grace

Styling: Bashery and Co

If you want some amazing new IG accounts to follow, please check out my incredibly talented friends - I promise you won't be sorry! 

Mai Nguyen-Miyoshi: @maisassygirl + @zooeyinthecity

Jenn Brown: @jennbrowntv

T Lopez: @officialtlopez + @momlifeyo 

Breegan Jane: @breeganjane + @momlifeyo 

Nicole Neves: @mysequinlife

Renee Herlocker: @reneeherlocker

Pamelyn Rocco: @basheryandco 

We hope you enoyed this Valentine's Day Party as much as we did! xoxo



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