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A Mermaid 1st Birthday Bash, Splish Splash

Posted on 02 March 2017

Mermaid 1st Birthday Party jokes are so cute . . . What did the sea say to the mermaid? 

Nothing. It just waved. 

When my friends Cherlin and Ian asked if we would be interested throwing a Mermaid 1st Birthday Party for their baby girl Claire, I flipped with excitement. 

This was one of the most exciting parties we've ever had the pleasure of styling. In my world, I love when clients give me a theme and let me run with it, but it's so exciting when parents get involved in all of the details. You see, Cher and her sister Dana are DIY masters, which made my job not only easier but so so fun! Check it out: 

Mermaid 1st Birthday Party

Sequins, and glitter, and gems - oh my! I mean, honestly - every little girl should have a Mermaid 1st Birthday Party. So much sparkle! So much glitter! I'm telling you - mermaids are the new ballerinas. 

But we didn't stope there. How can you have a party without dessert? You can't. So...

 We filled large apothecary jars with all kinds of yummy candy, including gummy dolphins, saltwater taffy, and peach rings - ahem, life preservers. Cher and Dana made all of the food for the kids, and even added little candy pearls to chocolate macarons to make them look like clams. Add a treasure chest (or two) of candy necklaces, and we're in business. And how about that cake? It's a royal sandcastle with a mermaid princess! And just look at all of the hard work that went into making little kid food: 

Ok, ok. So that last picture was for the adult guests, but hey! It's important to keep them happy too. As cute as the peanut butter and jelly fish sandwiches were, the adults feasted on Cuban food, with margarita man margaritas for the win! I'm telling you - parties really don't get much better than that. 

We wanted to do a fun activity for the kids, so we set up a photo booth in one room, and a craft area in the other. The photo booth was so much fun, because the kids were able to use props and let their little imaginations run wild. 

As for the craft, well... This had to have been one of my favorite ones to date. We let the kids build a DIY aquarium with robotic fish. How cool is that? This way the kid gets a fish, and the parent doesn't have to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to buy a new one to replace the one that died. 

Isn't that amazing?If you're interested in re-creating these amazing little gadgets, you can find all of the items you need here, here, here, and here

We gussied up the outside of the house as well, because we all know that a party doesn't count if you don't make your neighbors jealous. I kid, I kid. But we did dress up the house, and it was so amazing! 

And last but definitely not least, we put a little dash of bashery magic on the birthday girl's throne - 

This was such an amazing experience. Claire and her big sister Kate loved being the center of attention at the Mermaid 1st Birthday Party, and all of the kids had a fun time eating, dancing, crafting, and striking a pose. The parents did okay too - after all, how can you not, when there are all you can drink margaritas to be had?? Thank you, Cherlin and Ian, for letting Bashery be a part of your amazing day. 



Decorations: provided and styled by Bashery 

Mermaid Wall Tapestry

Sea Party Back Drop

Seashell Dreamcatchers 

Sea Dreamin' Banner

Seashell Table Decor Bundle

Coral Decor

Life Preservers

Sequin Table Cloth

Gold Sequin Number

Gold One Banner

Cake was provided by: Hansen's

Catering was provided by: Versailles Cuban Restaurant

Photography: Boone Studios 

Curated Mermaid Party gifts from The Gift Pick

Mermaid 1st Birthday Party

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  • Emmahlyn : March 02, 2017

    How adorable is this theme! The decor is so fun & whimsy and I can totally see my soon to be 7 yr. old Madison loving this theme for her party in May!

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