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Bashery Style Halloween

Posted on 15 November 2016



It all began with my "Party Like a Pineapple" Theme and ended with this! Flamingos are such a huge part of this theme and were so big last year that Moorea just had to be one! And nothing is cuter than a baby pineapple. Pair it with a watermelon and a coconut and now we're talking! 

I'm going to show you how I handmade each costume and we definitely can't forget about the Fruit Stand! We had to have a prop, right? I mean I do own a decor rental company. I promise I will post how to build one soon!


Items Needed:

- pink leotard

- pink tights

- feather boas

- large loose ostrich feathers

- pink gems

- hat fascinator

- pink elastic

- pink spray paint

- hot glue gun

- fabric scissors

The first thing I thought of was feathers, feathers and more feathers! I ordered light pink and dark pink boas.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but I knew I would use them. I bought the dark pink long-sleeve leotard from Ebay and we had pink tights from ballet class. 

I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to make the body and my Mom (a great seamstress) gave me the idea of a skirt hoop. A search online brought me to Brit & Co. where they had an amazing tutorial on how to bring my vision to life. I grabbed some spray paint and my hot glue gun and went to town!


1. Put the skirt hoop on your child and cut it to look like a high-low skirt so you have a long tailfeather!

2. Take off and then spray paint pink.

3. Take your glue gun and glue the feather boas to the skirt hoop. I used dark pink on the top and light pink for the bottom. 

4. If your hat fascinator isn't already pink, then spray paint that bad boy too. 

5. Hot glue an elastic band underneath for it to be worn as a headband

6. Hot glue feathers and gems to the top of the hat fascinator. 

7. Don't forget the face paint! It made such a difference. 

8. Lastly, as Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee said, "Shake Ya Tailfeather"


Items Needed:

- yellow onesie

- yellow legwarmers

- green and yellow felt

- yellow gems

- yellow elastic

- x-acto knife

- hot glue gun

- fabric scissors

I was so pumped about how this turned out. I just figured out the best way to make everything as I went and it worked! Don't you love when that happens? 


1. Take the yellow felt and cut out 1" squares with an X-acto knife. I found the knife was easier than scissors.

2. Arrange on the front of the onesie in a diamond pattern leaving a tiny bit of space in between each one for the gems. Plus you want to show dimension.

3. Hot glue the felt pieces and then glue the gems in between each felt piece.

4. Cut out different sized leaves with a variety og green felt for the neck portion of the onesie and for the headpiece.

5. Hot glue to the neckline of the onesie

6. Cut a long piece of the green felt and make it into a tube by gluing one end to the other. This is for the body of the headpiece. Then cut out a circle the size of the bottom of the tube and glue it on the bottom so it is soft on the baby's head.

7. Start by layering different color and sizes of the green leaves around the tube and just keep adding layers until you get it to as high as you want it. I went a bit high. 

8. Measure your baby's head with the elastic and cut it to where it will fit a little snug. Glue the elastic to each side of the tube.

9. Throw on the leg warmers and some gold moccasins and baby you are so FINEAPPLE!


Items Needed:

- pink shirt dress

- green tights

- black felt

- hot glue gun

- fabric scissors

Full disclosure, I am not a big Halloween dress-up person. But, if I can find something that does not require me to look like a weirdo, then I'm in! I was sold on the Watermelon. I got to look cute and it was so easy!


1. Take black felt and trace dozens of watermelon seeds with chalk

2. Cut away

3. Glue to dress 

4. And just be SWEET!

5. Grab your polaroid


Items Needed:

- bald husband (he he)

- brown shirt

- white felt

- plastic palm leaves

- computer and printer

- pins

- x-acto knife

- hot glue gun

How perfect was this for my husband!! I cracked myself up when I thought of it. He is just like me and isn't into dressing up but this he could handle. My daughter was so excited that her Daddy was a coconut. 


1. Type out COCONUT on your computer and choose a font that is block letters and make as big as you want it on the shirt.

2. Print out

3. Pin onto white felt

4. Use x-acto knife to trace out the letters

5. Hot glue the palm leaves around the neck of the shirt

6. Glue letters on top in the center of the shirt

7. Don't let anyone knock on your head! My husband didn't have any problems!

Enjoy and don't forget to HAVE FUN!

 Other cool ideas is this peacock costume


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