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Fiesta Inspired Wedding Shower

Posted on 01 May 2017

It was only natural for me to create a Fiesta Inspired Wedding Shower when the bride and groom are getting married in Tulum. When the beautiful and creative Tamalin Srisook from Savoir Agency asked me to plan her wedding shower I jumped at the opportunity. She explained that a lot of people were not able to make the wedding so she wanted to make the wedding shower even that much more special.

I was inspired by Papel Picado and the streets of Mexican villages. I also wanted to incorporate a lush feel into the decor because that reminded me of my time in Tulum. 


Fiesta Wedding SHowerPapel Picado for fiesta wedding showerPalm table scape for fiesta wedding shower

Palm chair garland for fiesta wedding showerAs you can see, I loved everything miniature for this Fiesta inspired wedding shower. From the mini sombreros and maracas to the mini cacti and succulents. The large palms and serape runners pulled everything together and gave just the feel I was looking for - colorful, festive, authentic and fun!

I left my favorite part for last - dessert! I mean what kind of fiesta inspired baby shower would it be without a Churro Bar!? The beauty of this is the possibilities are endless. I ordered churros from a famous Mexican churro maker in Los Angeles. For the toppings I used crushed oreos, chocolcate chips, peanut butter, marshmallows - you name it. And of course I put them in margarita glasses! The ladies loved it and the kiddos!

Churro Bar

Churro barChurro BarFiesta Inspired Bridal ShowerThe entertainment doesn't get any cuter than this! 

guitar playing toddler

The amazing thing about Mexican inspired celebrations is that you can't go wrong with color! Everything goes. We mix and matched and that's what made it so fun! We hope this fiesta inspired wedding shower gives you some inspiration for Cinco de Mayo or any other celebration!

 Remember to Always Bring the Fun

 - Pamelyn


*Fiesta Inspired Wedding Shower


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