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Holiday Decor that is Merry and Bright!

Posted on 05 December 2017

Bashery & Co holiday decorating 

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It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet and I made my husband get the holiday decor boxes down from the garage and that still only leaves us with one month to enjoy all things merry and bright!

This year I decided to spread the holiday cheer to the bedroom! And no it is not what you are thinking! We added a tree and monochromatic Christmas decorations to give it a warm and inviting feel without being over the top Christmasey. I don't even think that is a word but I like it anyway!

I want to take you on a little tour of my holiday decor so we can all get a little merry and bright!

First stop - the bedroom!

I mean it is where we spend the most time. Unless if you're like me and you barely get any sleep. But that is an entirely different blog post!

Bedroom decor with Lamps Plus


Lamps Plus bedroom lamps by Bashery & Co.

We kept everything very neutral with our gray pallette and then threw in the pop of gold with our new lamps from Lamps Plus, that actually inspired us to even decorate our bedroom in the first place. The gold is the perfect mix to somewhat of a plain bedroom and gives it that special touch. Check out their insta to get inspired yourself!

Lamps Plus bedroom lighting style by Bashery & Co.

It is so much fun to have a mini tree in our bedroom! The girls just love it and get so excited every night to light it up! I am obsessed with flocked trees and since our main one is also flocked I decided to stay with that theme for the upstairs! They are a bit messy. Yikes! We added both silver and gold ornaments to tie in the silver and gray decor and the gold lamps.

Lamps Plus bedroom lamp

And what's a decorated bedroom without some fun? Jumping on the bed and yummy hot chocolate! I'm down!! 

holiday lighting with Lamps Plus

Holiday bedroom decor with Bashery & CO.

Now off to my living room! This is my favorite by far. I added touches of rose gold and pink this year that just make me so darn happy! This pampas grass could not be any more amazing! I don't think there should be any rules to holiday decorating. If I'm feeling something I just go with it. 

pink pampas grass styled by Bashery & Co.

I really wanted to use live garland this year for the mantle so I went with eucalyptus and olive combo for round #1. I say round #1 because this will only last a week or so! I know it sounds crazy that I will have to redo this 3-4 times but again - no rules! I think I am going to switch up the greenery and probably do more of a traditional holiday garland in a few days, but who knows! I will keep you posted. 

Holiday mantle display by Bashery & Co.

I hope you all have a fun and blessed holiday season.

Your friend,



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