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(into) The Woods with Baby Bjorn

Posted on 21 October 2016

When Baby Bjorn asked me to style a launch event for their newest collection, I was immediately on board - I love their products and am passionate about all things Swedish (Ikea meatballs, am I right?). The collection was designed around the idea of Swedish forests and the outdoors; you were meant to envision that certain calmness in front of a lake, a morning breeze softly rustling the leaves of the trees around you. The scent of fresh rain and wet moss enveloped every fibre of your being, relaxing and transporting you somewhere peaceful... Amazing, right? 
Only we live in California. Arguably one of (if not THE) driest state in the nation. It's been so long since it rained, that I don't even think I know what a real flower looks like (though my succulent game has never been stronger), but I digress. 
We were fortunate enough to have the launch take place at the legendary Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, where the colors and textures of fall were felt everywhere (even if it was 8 million degrees outside). 
To convey the feel of the collection while tying in our own special brand of fall, I painted pumpkins with the collection colors, color matched at a local paint store. 
I just love it when my plus one gets in on the DIY action I have happening around here. Working side by side with my girl has to be the best perk of this job. 
After the pumpkins were done, I moved on to creating a display that fell in line with the company's vision for the collection. Queue hammer time... 
The custom designed stand, built entirely out of old wooden pallets (which, why do I have so many lying around?) is only partially painted because I wanted to convey a distressed, vintage feel. I felt something sleek and modern would detract from the central theme of the collection. The Baby Bjorn logo was printed on card stock color matched to the collection. 
We styled the shoot with the stand and pumpkins, adding custom garlands and fresh flowers to complete the look. 
Clearly, this is no Swedish forest, but I do think that we were able to successfully create a backdrop in our own little part of the world that stayed true to the feel and vision that Baby Bjorn had created. Forest or pumpkin, here at Bashery, we aim to please ;) 
1) Before doing any type of painting, wash the pumpkin you're about to beautify with warm water. Let it dry completely. 
2) Paint with primer (I prefer Behr Premium Plus because this stuff is pretty much the superglue of primers). Let the primer cure for several hours. 
3) Paint pumpkins with your selected colors. 
4) Using tattoo paper (I used this one), print out your quips, and place on pumpkins as you wish. *Tip: to make sure that your lettering is the right size, print out all of the sayings on regular paper first in case you need to adjust font size. We learn things the hard way around here. womp womp.
This was honestly one of the funnest DIY's I've tried in a long time. It's so simple yet impactful. Next year I may gussy up our front porch with a white and rose gold ensemble. I LIVE FOR ROSE GOLD. 
*You can learn more about the The Woods collection here


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