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You ShamROCK, a St. Patrick's Day Party Play Date

Posted on 06 March 2017

Best friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day

With a maiden name like McMahon, a St. Patrick's Day party playdate is my kind of celebration. Long are the days of partying at the Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day parade from 8 am until 2 am, but I still know how to have fun, Mommy style!

I thought a St. Patrick's Day party play date would be super cute and fun for all of us. All you need is some balloons, cupcakes, a rainbow and an Irish Martini to help you find some gold at the end of that rainbow! 

First thing's first - my beloved Irish Martini! A party isn't a party without alcohol. I know it's just a playdate, but that's how us Mamas need to roll!


Irish Martini

St. Patrick's Day Play date


 - Rainbow sprinkles (balls)

 - Honey

 - 2 ounces (1/4 cup) brewed cold espresso

 - 2 ounces (1/4 cup) almond milk

 - 2 ounces (1/4 cup) Bailey's Irish cream

 - 1 ounce (2 Tablespoons) vodka or Irish whiskey

 - Mint leaves


 - take a toothpick and line the rim of the glass with honey.

 - pour the sprinkles onto a wide bowl or plate.

 - dip the honey rimmed glass into the prinkles and twist, twist, twist. 

 - combine all ingredients in a shaker until well combined, then strain the drink into two chilled martini glasses.

Shamrock sandwiches

Table decor details:

I went with a non-traditional approach for the tablescape. I didn't want it to scream St. Patrick's Day party because too much of anything is never a good thing. With two girls, I wanted to add a little pink to the mix since they are so not into green right now!

1. White Sequin Tablecloth - You can rent this handmade sequin lined table linen from Bashery or you can purchase unlined ones here.

2. Napkin holders

 - I bought wooden shamrocks and painted them green with help from my 3 year old.

 - I hot glued 2 pieces of twine or any type of string to the back on each side and tied it around the napkin. 

3. Gold Mason Jar Vase

 - I buy mason jars on the daily from Amazon and then work my magic.

 - I used gold spray paint and mini shamrock stickers. Throw some tulips because they are only is season for such a short time. 

4. Plates and cups - I think mismatched plates make a table so fun ! I find the coolest plates at Bonjour Fete. You will explode with excitement if you visit their web-site or better yet visit their store in Studio City, CA. 

5. Hand painted bud vases - We have them in all shapes, colors and sizes

6. Leperchaun juice - I just thought that the cupcakes and cookies were enough sugar, so the kids got water with a few drops of green food coloring so they thought it was special!

7. Shamrock Sandwich - I bought a shamrock cookie cutter and made good old PB&Js

6. Desserts - Cupcakes and shamrock sugar cookie are from SusieCakes Bakery

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Backdrop

Rainbow Float Fun

You Shamrock Party Backdrop

Fun St. Patrick's Day Party Backdrops

Rainbow Float - This one item was enough to keep them occupied for hours. And then you can use it in the summer in the pool. 

Balloons - I find that the little ones like natural air balloons because they can chase after them and kick them, not to mention its way cheaper. I just bought a bunch of balloons and a balloon pump and we were in business.

'You Shamrock' Backdrop - I thought this was so clever! 


 - 4 Shiny Green Heart Mylar Balloons

 - Floral Wire

 - Double-sided tape

 - Make Your Own Gold Glitter Banner

 - Gold Washi Tape


 - Use a straw to blow up the balloons with regular air - not helium. You do not want these to float away

 - Arrange the 4 balloons into a heart and poke small holes through the tabs at the bottom of the balloons

 - Lace the floral wore through all 4 balloon tabs. Pull tightly together until they are flush with each other. Twist wire shut.

 - Use a bunch of double-sided tape to one side of the shamrock and tape to any surface. Be careful when using on painted indoor walls.

 - Hang the "You Shamrock" Banner underneath the shamrock balloon with washi tape

St. Patrick's Day Outifts

Visit Bashery Style for links to our outfits

DIY Tights - I had the cutest Valentine's Day tights with big hearts on the knees for the girls from GAP and I wanted to recreate something similar for St. Patrick's Day. 

DIY St. Patrick's Day Tights


 - green paint

 - small paint brush

 - shamrock cookie cutter

 - tights

 DIY St. Patrick's Day tights

DIy St. Patrick's Day tights

DIY St. Patrick's Day Tights


 - Place a piece of cardboard in the tights between the front and back of the leg where you will be painting the shamrock. You don't want the paint to get on the back side of the tights. 

- Place the cookie cutter wherever you want the shamrock and paint on the inside. So easy but so cute.

 We hope we gave you some fun and easy inspiration for your St. Patrick's Day party or playdate. And a special thanks to the most amazing photographer, Katee Grace, for capturing all of our special moments so perfectly. 






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