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Who We Are

A Styling Company and Decor Rental House

We style everything from parties to photo shoots. With over 20 years in the industry we know a thing or two about style. But, we are also bringing a new and fresh twist to styling by adding a decor rental house to the mix! Bashery & Co. is also the newest idea in party decor rental. We specialize in the latest on-trend designer & handcrafted decorative rentals for birthday parties, baby showers wedding showers, photo shoots and weddings including tee pees, dreamcatchers, fabric message banners, balloon bling, chair and backdrop garland, chandeliers and anything else you can imagine.

Bashery was built with the desire and passion to provide fresh and inspired event design that everyone can afford. We believe every party should be a designer party and the envy of all your guests.

Our customers represent imaginative hosts, moms and dads, best friends, brides, seasoned planners, photographers and anyone who likes to throw a good party. We provide you with a twist on how you spend your party’s budget. I mean why buy when you can rent?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Are you a wanna-be DIY master who just can’t find the time?
  • You can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on just the décor to have your party look amazing. Not to mention, what do you do with everything after? You can never throw the same party twice.
  • Do you day dream about the day you can put one of your events on Pinterest because it was that good?
  • Paying a party stylist thousands of dollars for a cool looking party is out of the question. Unless its us of course!
  • Are you a party stylist who needs to add amazing items to your portfolio?
  • Are you a photographer who would love to offer a variety of backdrops and props to your clients without having to purchase all of them?


Yes?! Well then Bashery & Co. is for you.


Why You’ll Love Us

There’s really no one else like us! You can rent your typical tables and chairs and large furniture items but not those in between items that really make a party pop! At Bashery & Co. we want to maximize your party planning happiness by helping you deliver Pinterest worthy parties that everyone will remember forever. We provide party hosts, mamas to be, brides, photographers and party planners access to ridiculously cool party decorations which they may not otherwise be able to afford or that don’t make sense to purchase. We source our inventory directly from artists, designers and companies and then offer them for 70-80% off the retail price.


The concept is simple: anyone can rent items from our pre-styled parties for special events like kid’s birthday parties, wedding and baby showers or choose from hundreds of items to fit your specific needs. We give you the ability to decide which items you need instead of packaging them together and forcing you to rent what you may not necessarily need. Every event is unique and that’s what we love about parties. After the event, you simply return the decorations. This means spending on average $200 - $300 instead of thousands.


We are all more conscious of the parties we throw because of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We help people to be smarter about where they are spending their money by allowing them to rent some items.

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contact us for any questions, inquires or help with your order. Bashery&Co. are here for you!

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